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Indoor Riding Arena
Indoor Riding Arena

Great improvement – my horse was more calm, relaxed, supple, and softer in her neck and poll.  I’ve seen MaryLyn has a unique talent for tuning into the sensations of the horses’ bodies! – as well as a special perception and care for their emotional and mental well-being.  She spent plenty of time with my horse and was very thorough.  I’m looking forward to seeing how much further the bodywork will help her!


Horse Legs

As a rider of a retired jumper with lingering physical issues, I was delighted to have MaryLyn visit. She zeroed in on areas that I suspected as problems, but she also found other tricky spots of which I was unaware. Snip showed marked relief after MaryLyn’s first time working with him; after several weeks, his movement and demeanor had improved dramatically! I highly recommend MaryLyn’s compassionate, comprehensive bodywork for any performance horse. 

-Kelly F.

Horse Legs
Wild Horses
Wild Horses

"Milkshake has been picking up her right lead canter much easier since you worked on her! When the vet recommends bodywork, you are my first choice."
- D.D.

"Our horses absolutely love having you work on them and the results really last!"

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