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You want whats best for your horse. Here at the Pampered Pony, I do too. 

Whether you are trail riding, showing, or cuddling your pasture pet, the goal is happy and comfortable equines, and bodywork is an essential part of that. 

MaryLyn Jewett with a happy client

Here at the Pampered Pony, I am dedicated to helping you achieve that goal.
Through years of experience with horses, extensive education in Equine Anatomy, the Masterson Method of Integrated Equine Bodywork and Massage, continuing education in Biomechanics and SaddleFitting, I bring all my tools to the table at each session. 
Whether you're having your retired pony tuned up, or a last minute session on your PRE before showing next weekend, I will devote the same level of attention to detail and care to your horse. 


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